Upper Cylinder Lubricant – VP M2 Scented

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VP Racing Fuels – M2 Upper Cylinder Lubricant Scented


VP Racing Fuels – M2 Upper Cylinder Lubricant Scented

Leaves a thin film of lubrication to protect against corrosion between races.
Protects valves, guides, cylinder walls, fuel pumps, and aluminium fuel systems for methanol powered engines.
Extends pump life. Virtually eliminates white powder residue from the interaction of Methanol and aluminium fittings.

Allows fuel to be left in fuel lines for longer than normal. Does not alter the tune of the vehicle, nor block any fine nozzles for mechanical injection.
Not recommended for use with Rotary vehicles. Can be mixed with other oils in historic motorcycles utilising butterfly valves only, not suitable for slide carburettors.
Reports back from most racers, especially smaller capacity engines, is decreased engine wear, especially on piston rings. Use of this additive can mean the difference between 1 engine or 3 engine overhauls in the same season. One bottle treats 200 litres of Methanol.
These additives were initially designed for Methanol vehicles, but now have also become extremely popular with Ethanol E85 fuels due to there great lubricating properties.

These will significantly reduce engine wear and tear
Does not alter the tune of the vehicle in any way, manner or form
Does not break down over time, just shake the drum around if it has been sitting for extended periods of time
Will suit all 2 / 4 stroke applications
Will also work with Electronic Fuel Injection systems with no side effects.
Available in Unscented or Cherry Flavour Scented Additive.

Cherry scent bottles available, to mask the harsh chemical smell of methanol and reduce irritation to eyes and nose allowing drivers and mechanics to work more comfortably


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