Under Body Brace – Side Lower Bar

$297.00 Incl GST

Ultra Racing Brace – Hyundai Elantra MD


Why fit these units?

These under braces will greatly reduce chassis flex on your ride by connecting & strengthening strategic weak chassis link points on your under-carriage, resulting in superb handling & cornering capabilities!

Other Information

  • These units are are not a stocked item (Usually) although we may have some in stock at time of ordering.
  • Comes as a “Pair” of braces one for each side of vehicle
  • 8 Points of Contact on vehicle

Additional information

Weight3 kg


Ultra Racing

Ultra Racing (Malaysia) will will increase car handling, safety and greatly reduce body roll and high stability in cornering. There suspension bars are of the highest quality and available for many well known model vehicles.


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Make Model Trim Engine
Hyundai Elantra MD (2011 - 2015) 1.8L G4NB DOHC 16v (Nu)