Throttle Body – 60mm DBW

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Mitsubishi Throttle Body – Mitsubishi 4B10/11/12 DOHC 16v Mivec


Mitsubishi 4B10 / 4B11 and 4B12 Drive by Wire Throttle Body Upgrade

To suit following vehicle applications

  • Mitsubishi and Proton Vehicles.
  • The Mitsubishi 4B10/11/12 model engines run a factory 57mm drive by wire throttle body
  • This unit is a Direct Fit Brand New 60mm DBW Throttle Body
  • Note – these units are on an EXCHANGE Basis as the electronic Internals are modified with the transfer of OEM 4B11 units to enable plug and play set-up.
  • Price includes $150.00 Core Charge – refundable upon the return of your original unit back to RPW

The 60mm upgrade is our recommended option for those wanting a direct bolt on without requiring any form of modification.
In all cases, installation will either require bypassing of coolant lines (Recommended option) or re-routing the coolant lines.
The benefits of upgrading the throttle body are numerous, but can be summarised as

  • Increased air flow into the engine at high rpm’s improving power and torque.
  • Improved throttle response, especially off idle
  • Improved acceleration from cruising position to medium / high throttle loads
  • Smoother progressive throttle control especially at light throttle loads

The 4B12 engines respond especially well to either throttle body due to its larger capacity. Remapping of the factory ECU will net much larger gains.
Installation Process

(A) Option 1 –

Run the vehicle until its up to full operating temperature.
Fit throttle body to vehicle, let the vehicle idle for approx 15 minute for the factory ECU to recalibrate itself and then go for a gentle drive.
We recommend removing battery clamp prior to installation to clear all long term memory within the ECU to enable the ECU to learn faster.

(B) Option 2 – (Recommended option)
The upgrading of this throttle body can sometimes have issues with high idle speeds.

Run the vehicle up to normal operating temperature.
Proceed to fit up your new throttle body.
Remove the negative battery terminal.
Turn on the headlights (they will not light). If you hear a tiny click somewhere then that means that all of the capacitance has been drained. If you do not hear a click somewhere it just means that there was not enough residual capacitance to discharge in that manner.
Let the car sit like this for about 5 – 10 minutes to completely drain the electricity.
Plug your battery back in.
Start the engine. Make sure you do not have your foot on the gas or the brake.
Run the engine at idle until it reaches normal operating temperature.
Stop the engine and repeat steps 3-8.
Now let the engine idle for about 5 minutes. Remember not to touch the gas or brake pedals. When you come back to the car you will notice that it is idling at 750 RPM. If the engine is not idling somewhere around here let it idle longer.
Stop the engine and then start it again. This time it should immediately idle like normal.
Press the accelerator a little bit. If it revs and then returns to normal, then congrats your throttle body is ready to use.
If the vehicle is still idling high you may want to try this how to all over again, increasing the wait times by 5 more minutes.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Core Charge

Exchange Unit incl Core Charge, Modify Owners Unit – No Core Charge


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Make Model Trim Engine
Mitsubishi ASX XA - XE (2010 - 2020) 2.0L 4B11 DOHC 16v Mivec
Mitsubishi ASX XA - XE (2010 - 2020) 2.4L 4B12 DOHC 16v Mivec
Mitsubishi Delica D5 CV5W (2007 - 2020) 2.4L 4B12 DOHC 16v Mivec
Mitsubishi Lancer CJ - CF (2007 - 2020) 1.8L 4B10 DOHC 16v Mivec
Mitsubishi Lancer CJ - CF (2007 - 2020) 2.0L 4B11 DOHC 16v Mivec
Mitsubishi Lancer CJ - CF (2007 - 2020) 2.4L 4B12 DOHC 16v Mivec
Mitsubishi Outlander ZG - ZH (2006 - 2012) 2.0L 4B11 DOHC 16v Mivec
Mitsubishi Outlander ZG - ZH (2006 - 2012) 2.4L 4B12 DOHC 16v Mivec
Peugeot 4007 ZG - ZH (2007 - 2012) 2.0L 4B11 DOHC 16v Mivec
Proton Inspira CF (2010 - 2015) 1.8L 4B10 DOHC 16v Mivec
Proton Inspira CF (2010 - 2015) 2.0L 4B11 DOHC 16v Mivec