Power Plus Fuel Fragrances

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Power Plus Fuel Fragrances


Power Plus Lubricants Scented Fuel Fragrances

  • Power Plus fuel fragrances are designed to eliminate unpleasant exhaust odours and the eye, nose and throat irritations that come with them.
  • Pre-mix with fuel or pour directly into your tank before filling up.
  • Power Plus Lubricants fuel fragrances are safe for all internal combustion engines, injectors, carburettors, 02 sensors and catalytic converters.
  • They do not inhibit or enhance engine performance.
  • One 4 oz. bottle treats up to 35 gallons of alcohol/methanol, 20 gallons of gasoline or nitro methane or 10 gallons of diesel fuel.


Power Plus Lubricants

Power Plus Lubricants – Manufacturer of high quality lubricants for all forms of motor sport. This includes upper cylinder lubricants for Methanol Engines, fuel fragrances, motorcycle power sports additives etc.

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Scented Fragrance

Atomic Apple, Banana Blast, Born Bad Baby Powder, Burn Out Blueberry, Cherry Bomb, Fruit Punch, Full Blown Bubble Gum, Groovy Grape, Hot Rod Hippie Patchouli, Peel Out Pina Colada, Pop A Wheelie Popcorn, Radical Racin' Raspberry, Reefer Madness, Rippin' Rootbeer, Rocket Cotten Candy, Super Sonic Cinnamon, Supercharged Strawberry, Turbo Tangerine, Victory Vanilla, Wicked Watermelon