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Link G4X Plug-In ECU Kits – Subaru WRX


The Link G4X range of engine management systems are already well known for delivering class-leading performance without sacrificing factory levels of drivability.

The G4X plug-in ECUs are designed to be the most complete plug-in solution yet.

This plug-in ECU will save you time and money as it will plug straight into the vehicle’s original wiring loom without the need for messy adaptor harnesses.
It replaces the original circuit board inside the factory ECU enclosure and mounts using the factory brackets.

Once the installation is complete, the Link G4X allows a good tuner to achieve an optimal state of tune to get the most out of any combination of modifications.
All Link G4X plug-in ECUs come with a base map. While these maps are designed to help save time for you and your tuner, it is essential that these are used simply as a starting point for further tuning.

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Subaru Impreza STI V10 – Compatibility Check

  • There are two different Subaru Impreza WRX V10 ECUs available. These are categorised as 2004-2006 2500cc and 2007 2500cc.
  • This maybe slightly misleading as some 2006 vehicles require a 2007 ECU.
  • It is critical that the correct adapter for the vehicle is installed,failure to install the correct adapter can result in engine component, engine wiring or ECU damage.

The correct ECU can be verified by studying the wiring loom.

Link WRX V10 ECU Check
Link WRX V10 ECU Check


  • If pins A1, A2 and A3 contain no wires, then the correct ECU required is the 2007 2500cc version.
  • If these pins contain wires, then the correct ECU is the 2004-2006 2500cc version.


Link Engine Management

Link Engine Management Ltd. is a privately owned research and development company based in Christchurch, New Zealand that develops and markets a range of Automotive electronic products that are distributed under a number of brands.
Link manufacture both the Link and Vipec range of ECU Systems.

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