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Alky Race Products – Fuel Flush

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Alky Race Product Fuel Flush

Fuel Flush absorbs residual methanol/nitro and leaves a lubricating film to protect against fuel gelling damage and corrosion.
For many years now we have all believed penetrating oil was the best lubricant to use after racing to protect and preserve alcohol fuel systems, with today’s technology you would never use a penetrating oil again. Penetrating oil of any kind is BAD NEWS in an alky motor.

Firstly if penetrating oil is sprayed in the cylinders it will break down any good lubrication you already have and allow fuels to attack the cylinder walls, secondly penetrating oil DOES NOT DISSOLVE IN METHANOL/NITRO!!!  it will separate and sit in your tank, fuel system or intake.
Race fuels are very corrosive when left to dry out in your fuel system and supercharger.

When you crank your engine for the first time there is no lubrication in the fuel system and supercharger, damage can be done at this point.
Use a lubricant that won’t affect your engine lubricant or gell in you tank
Alky Lubricants will flush out of your fuel system at start-up
On start-up Fuel Flush will readily dissolve in methanol/nitro fuels and can be rinsed off hands or components with water as required.


Alky Race Products

Methanol and Ethanol Additives for the Speedway, Circuit, Drag and Water racing applications.
100% Australian made products
Non-Flammable, Non-Hazardous and Biodegradable

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