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ECUMaster EMU Plug-in Adapter Kits – Hyundai

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Plug and Play Adapter Kits – customised by Racing Performance Works

Give your Vehicle what it needs! This adapter kit allows you to plug an EMU ECU directly into your vehicle. Factory features are retained such as alternator control and A/C (including idle up) etc.

Advanced functions like the factory clutch switch can be connected through the adapter to allow for launch control and flat shift features. Use of the factory vehicle speed sensor allows for boost per gear/speed as well.

A great feature included in the EMU Black is the Wide band lambda controller which is built in, along side knock control, full VVT access and lift is also supported.

The EMU Classic ECU Package provides a more affordable solution for those not requiring all the advanced features like the EMU Black Series. This is a very economical solution compared to Haltech and Link with its inbuilt wideband and direct ignition control not requiring any external ignitors.

All Kits include

  • ECUMaster EMU Black ECU OR
  • ECUMaster EMU Classic ECU
  • Racing Performance Works CUstom Plug-n-Play Adapter harness
  • Programming Cable, Programming Software
  • Full closed loop self learning features for idle speed, fuel control, knock control etc
  • Utilises all factory Sensors where applicable
  • Kit is supplied with an external Air Temp Sensor as part of the kit.
  • Kit is supplied with Bosch Wideband Sensor and plug which bolts directly into the Ecumaster Kit
  • This is only available for manual model vehicles as a general rule of thumb.

Other Information

  • Once the full details of your vehicle is ascertained we can then accurately quote on the appropriate plug and play kit for your vehicle.
  • Due to the sheer number of variations, we are unable to ascertain an accurate price until after we work out the exact platforms available for your vehicle.
  • Base maps are available for the majority of vehicles, in some cases fully tuned maps are available and supplied free of charge with the kits.

When Placing your order, please include at the end of the order full details on your vehicle being as example below

Vehicle Make & Model – Hyundai Accent LC
Vehicle Year – 2000
Engine Type – G4FK 1.5L DOHC 16v
Drive Train – Manual 5 Speed

Once an order is received, pricing will be finalised depending upon what ECU and options are required.


Additional information

Weight1 kg
ECUMaster Options

EMU-Black ECU, EMU-Classic ECU



ECUMaster was founded in 2009 and is the fastest growing engine management manufacturer in the tuning and motorsport market. Our products are successfully used by teams competing in many different forms of motorsports, such as drifting, drag racing, rally and circuit racing. Our extensive dealer network covers all European countries as well as the US, Australia and Asia.


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Make Model Trim Engine
Hyundai Accent LC (2000 - 2006) 1.5L G4EC DOHC 16v (Alpha 2)
Hyundai Accent LC (2000 - 2006) 1.6L G4ED DOHC 16v (Alpha 2)
Hyundai Accent MC (2006 - 2010) 1.6L G4ED DOHC 16v (Alpha 2)
Hyundai Accent X3 (1994 - 2000) 1.5L G4FK DOHC 16v (Alpha 2)
Hyundai Excel X3 (1994 - 1997) 1.5L G4EK SOHC 12v (Alpha)
Hyundai Excel X3 (1997 - 2000) 1.5L G4FK DOHC 16v (Alpha 2)
Hyundai Getz TB (2002 - 2011) 1.3L G4EH SOHC 12v (Alpha 2)
Hyundai Getz TB (2002 - 2011) 1.4L G4EE DOHC 16v (Alpha 2)
Hyundai Getz TB (2002 - 2011) 1.5L G4EC DOHC 16v (Alpha 2)
Hyundai Getz TB (2002 - 2011) 1.6L G4ED DOHC 16v (Alpha 2)