Duel Stage LED Shift Light

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Duel Stage LED Shift Light


A shift light is used for alerting the driver when to shift gears. Shift Lights allow the driver to stay focused on the road or track, without having to divert concentration to the tachometer to determine what revs the engine is currently at. At high speeds or under hard acceleration, the last thing you want to do is take your eyes off the road!

The shift light also helps to prevent over revving of the engine or hitting the rev limiter. Many stock tachometers are slow to respond to the engine’s actual speed under full acceleration. The tachometer could be reporting a lower RPM than the engine’s actual RPM (as much as several hundred RPMS!).

The Shift light is operated directly from the ECU’s microprocessor to ensure fast, accurate and dependable response for you to shift at the exact RPM you want. The desired RPM shift point can be set any desired RPM point through an aftermarket Haltech ECU resulting in lower, consistent E.T.s at the track.

This Duel Stage unit has two inputs, with bright Red / Green LED’s enabling a Pre Shift light to be set.

This product used to be available through Haltech but was discontinued. Racing Performance Works has now sourced these units direct, although these can be used with



Haltech manufacture one of the largest range of ECU’s on the market.The new Haltech systems are the equal of any other manufacturer in there design, ease of use and functions. Volumetric Efficiency (VE) Tuning has been introduced which has been taken to heart by many tuners.

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