Cooling System Additive – VP Cool Down

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VP Racing Fuels – Cooling System Additive


VP Racing Fuels – Cooling System Additive

VP Cool Down Reduces cooling system operating temperatures by 20-50 degrees F.
Works great in race cars, their towing vehicles, and long idling applications. 1 bottle* per 2.5 gallons (9.46Litres) / 2 ounces per quart for motorcycles.
Reduces coolant surface tension, allows better laminar coolant flow for better heat transfer. Lubricates without the crystallisation of other coolant additives.
*1 bottle VP Cool Down treats 9.46Litres of radiator water.

VP Racing Fuels’ Cool Down is designed to compliment your ride’s coolant by reducing the surface tension of water by a factor of two, which translates to the formation of smaller vapour bubbles. Large vapour bubbles on the metal surface create an insulating layer, which impedes heat transfer.
This product also keeps the crucial water passages in the engine and cooling systems clean by preventing the build up of scale and corrosion by-products. This maximises heat transfer leading to lower operating temperatures and increased engine performance and efficiency.
Cool Down also helps to prevent coolant foaming at high temperatures and it ensures that water pump seals are cleaned and lubricated. Other benefits of Cool Down include reduction of high temperature cavitation corrosion and long term acid corrosion protection.

Most importantly, this product is Glycol-free, meaning that it’s safe to be put into most cooling systems that contain aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass or bronze materials. This product has been extensively tested and its performance proven under the harsh racing conditions.
The result? How about a cooling system that runs cooler by up to 10 degrees Celsius? That means more time on the track and less time in the pits waiting for your hot ride to cool down!


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