Adjusting Screw Rocker Arm

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Mitsubishi Genuine Adjuster – Mitsubishi 6A12 DOHC 24v Mivec


Adjusting Screw Rocker Arm

These are a conmen issues as the plastic part goes brittle over time.
The plastic drops away and leaves the stainless steel end sitting between the screw and top of valve and under hard acceleration they can jump out.
Usually ending up in the sump but the engine will now tap badly as the gap is now several mm and not nought point something !

Note – this is for a SINGLE Adjusting Screw. Each engine has 24 screws, 12 per cylinder head.


  • Mitsubishi OEM:   MD212099
  • Mitsubishi FTO DE3A – 6A12 DOHC 24v Mivec

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Make Model Trim Engine
Mitsubishi FTO DE3A (1994 -2000) 2.0L 6A12 DOHC 24v Mivec