Payment Details


We currently accept the following payment methods (you will have the option to select your payment method when placing an order):

  • Cash on Delivery (Local Perth Only)
  • Credit Cards at RPW Premises (Local Pickups Only)
  • Direct Bank Transfers
  • PayPal (Subject to the value and location of the order)
  • Alternative options are available on special request.

After placing an order, it will be manually reviewed and updated with a status change. This may result in freight prices being added or modified as they can vary depending upon location, weight and size.

Do not make payment until the status of your order has been changed to Payment Pending.

PayPal Payment Information

To pay via Paypal wait until a payment request has been emailed to you which will include all surcharges. Simply confirm the details and authorise the payment.

You will need to ensure that the email address you provide when placing an order is the same as used with your paypal account as we cannot ship to an address that is not linked to the paypal account.

Please note that due to many recent fraudulent customers falsely claiming money back on Paypal, we will only accept values up to $500.00 AUD$.

All orders over this value will only be accepted as a direct bank transfer.

Bank Transfer Information

  • Name : RPW 2021 Pty Ltd
  • Address : 50 Gordon Road (East), Osborne Park, Perth, WA, Australia, 6017
  • Bank : Westpac Bank, 275 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
  • Bank Routing Number (BSB Number) :-  036-310
  • Account Number :-  477693
  • Bank Swift Code 8 Digit – WPACAU2S (For International Bank Transfers)
  • Bank Swift Code 11 Digit – WPACAU2SXXX  (For International Bank Transfers)
  • Identification Code : Please use the Invoice or Purchase Order Number