Thermoblock Manifold and Throttle Body Insulator Gasket Kits

Photo not 100% true to product.

(A) Tools Required ..... - You will require the following tools.

  1. Socket set with 6" extension and 8, 10, 12mm socket
  2. Screwdriver set with medium phillips and medium slot
  3. Screwdriver set with large slot with long extension
  4. Pliers with needle nose end preferably.
  5. Allen Key set if fitted with strut brace
  6. 8" adjustable crescent
  7. Small container to place all screws and clips so they don't get lost (Trust me on this)

(B) Step 1 ..... - Removing Stock System

1. Drive vehicle for approx 10 minutes, and then lift bonnet. Place hand on intake manifold and feel tempature of intake manifold, placing specific attention to the areas next to the throttle body and the section bolted down to the lower intake manifold tract.

2. Remove plastic engine cover if fitted and strut brace if fitted.

3. Unbolt EGR fitting and bolts from support bracket from rear of intake manifold

4. Remove throttle cable bracket as shown.

5. Remove piping from the throttle body as shown.

6. Remove throttle body from inlet manifold.


7. Remove front inlet bolts and wiring, as shown.

8. Lift inlet runners out of the way then prop them in this position, as shown.

9. Loosen the bolts at the base of the engine that hold the intake manifold support bracket. Pull the bracket up higher taking all the slack out of it and re tighten the bolts (This is to take into account that the intake manifold will be sitting approx 3mm higher).

10. Remove stock gasket and fit your new RPW Thermo Block intake manifold gasket. With no sealer, temporarily refit the intake manifold and see if the lifting of the rear bracket has provided enough clearance to refit to the manifold without stressing the bolts. If not then you will need to either grab a file, file the threads to elongate them, or alternatively, remove the top section of the bolt hole.

11. Once you have confirmed the above, refit the new gasket with a thin layer of oxygen sensor safe sealant, and then refit the manifold in reverse order. Stop when at the point of refitting the throttle body.

12. When refitting the throttle body, remove the stock thin gasket, and again placing a thin layer of oxygen sensor safe material on both sides, refit the throttle body with the new insulator gasket fitted.

13. Refit balance of components again in reverse order being careful not to over tension any bolts as you are screwing into aluminium.

14. Once all is fitted, run vehicle and do a quick check over for any vacuum leaks. If concerned, spray some soapy water over sealed area's and listen for a change in engine note. If one occurs, isolate vacuum leak and rectify.

15. Go for a test drive and then place hand on top of the intake manifold and compare heat difference to that which you previously had. You will notice the difference immediately.

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