Fitment guide to RPW Cold Air Induction kit to suit Mitsubishi CJ Lancer

Here is a step by step how to of the RPW K&N CAI kit install.

**DISCLAIMER** This involves cutting your factory airbox. Be very careful when cutting this, if you cut it too short you will not be able to secure the silicone hose.

I skipped steps 20 and 21 and used zip ties to secure for a cleaner look. The metal bracket would be much more stable.

1. Remove clips holding snorkel to vehicle
2. Remove snorkel and replace clips
3. Unplug MAF Sensor Cable
4. Remove panel filter from airbox
5. Remove clip and airhose from rocker cover
6. Remove 10mm bolt from right side of airbox
7. Remove the right side of the airbox from engine bay
8. Loosen the hose clamp securing the hose onto the inlet of the engine.
9. Remove hose from inlet of the engine
10. Remove left side of airbox from the engine bay
12. Using a clean rag, block up the engine inlet so no foreign materials get into the engine
12. Loosen the hose clamp holding the hose onto the left side of the airbox, remove the hose
13. (Optional but recommended) Unscrew and remove the MAF sensor from the left side of the airbox
14. Using your tool of choice (I used a hacksaw) carefully cut the part of the airbox that holds the MAF sensor. Be sure to cut as close to the airbox as possible.
15. File / Sand where you have cut the MAF housing. This needs to be smooth with no pieces that can end up in your engine.
16. Get your CAI kit. Remove the silicone hoses and wipe down with a clean cloth to remove any particles. Do the same to the MAF Sensor housing. If you have an air compressor, blow out also.
17. Get the right angle silicone hose, using one of the original hose clamps, attach to the inlet of the engine. Be sure to remove the rag before attaching
18. Using the 2inch long silicone hose, and a supplied hose clamp, attach to the cut side of the MAF Sensor. One end of the hose is tapered. Use this end
19. Using a supplied hose clamp attach the other side of the MAF sensor housing to the right angle silicone hose ensuring that the MAF Sensor will be at the top
20. Get the K&N pod, the thin silicone hose and the correct hose fitting from the kit. Screw the hose fitting into the pod attach the thin hose to pod
21. Using a supplied hose clamp, attach the pod to the silicone hose joining to the MAF sensor housing
22. Connect the thin hose to the rocker cover. No hose clamps are supplied you can purchase these if you feel you need them
23. Install the MAF Sensor, be careful to ensure that the airflow is in the direction of the engine
24. Using some metal, make a bracket and attach to the metal bracket to the right of where the airbox was
25. Unscrew one of the screws on the pod and attach the other end of the bracket
26. Plug the MAF Sensor back in to the wiring loom
27. Bolt check everything and ensure there are no leaks
28. Start the engine and double check everything again, turn off the engine
29. Using the supplied black flexi hose attach to the pod using the supplied sleeve secure using the supplied zip tie
30. Route the flexi hose down into the front guard
31. Have a beer and admire your work!!!


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