Fitment Guide for RPW 4-1 Street Design Headers for Mitsubishi CJ Lancer.

Another great writeup by the Club CJ Guys - Member - Blanka.

Right guys this is a how to on how to install RPW's extractors

Right guys if you are not very mechanical then i suggest you get a professional to do this but if you think you can manage then go for it remember you do it at your own risk

Things you need
A set of tools
jack stands
air compressor and rattle gun/air gun
firends that can help you with the install

Step 1.
Dont know if you have to disconnect the battery or not but i did anyways so yea feel free to do wat you want. Open the bonnet and remove the manifold heat shield cover, its hold on by 3 10mm bolt. you can choose to remove the back heat shield if you like, i dont think its necessary but if you chose to remove it its hold on by 3 or 4 bolts but i think its 3 lolz. You have to remove the o2 sensor and the o2 sensor bracket as well which is a 12mm bolt.

this is what the o2 sensor and the bracket look like

this is how the manifold should look b4.

this is how it should look after you removed the heat shields

Step 2.
Now unscrew the 5, 14mm nuts thats holding the manifold on, there should be 2 on the side, 2 a bit closer in and 1 in the middle of the manifold. After you have done this its time to jack your car up and remember to use jack stands and place a spare tire under the car.

Step 3.
After you jacked your car up and placed the jack stands in place get under it, and remove the plate thats blocking the pipes, after that remove the 2, 19mm nut thats holding the pipe
these nuts are the nuts that i had to use the rattle gun for, as i just could not get it loose by hand it just would not move.

After you have done this you have to remove 2 spring loaded bolts
these are 14mm and you might want to use an extension for these bolts, after you removed the 2 spring loaded bolts there should be 1 more bolt at the bottom of the where the manifold connects to the pipe that needs to be removed, this bolt should be located near or next to one of the spring loaded bolt. After this you can pretty much remove the stock pipe and manifold by wriggling it out.

With it removed it should look like this

Step 4.
This part is pretty simple as you are just putting it back together so its pretty much just follow the first 3 steps again but do the opposite. So wriggle in the new header/extractor and place it in place and put the some nuts back on it to hold it in place.
ahaha this is one of my mate putting the extractor into place

Here place the gasket onto the new pipe that came with the extractors and connect it up to the extractors and screw in the spring loaded bolts that you were supplied with, then screw in the 2, 19mm nuts that was taken out before

this pic shows the pipe been connected to the extractors

after this its pretty much just putting back on the bolts and nuts and tightening everything, and remember to connect the o2 sensor back in then your done and the end product should be like this

Well hope this helps you guys out and if you have any questions ask away. Once again I would like to thank RPW for this awsome product highly recommended

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