Payment Details.

We accept the following forms of payment. Please ensure your order has been changed from "Pending" to "Confirmed" before making payment, otherwise you could be paying the wrong amount.
  1. Australia Post Money Orders
  2. Western Union Money Orders (Funds to be cleared before goods are released)
  3. Bank Cheques (Funds to be cleared before goods are released)
  4. PayPal Payments (subject to the value of the order and location)
  5. Direct Bank Deposits  please ensure that you provide your Online Order Purchase number or Invoice number for recognition Purposes.

RPW Service Centre does not accept Credit Card Payments over the phone.

PayPal Payment Information

Please pay to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Do not forget to add an additional 3.5% to the amount being paid to cover Paypal Transaction fee's, otherwise the amount received will fall short and your order will not be shipped out.

To pay via Paypal wait until a Paypal payment request has been sent to you which will include all surcharges. You simply need to confirm the details and authorise the payment.

You will need to ensure that the email address you provide when placing an order is the same address used with your paypal account.

Also note that we will only ship to the address provided on the paypal account details. We will not ship to an alternative address due to the possibility of Fraudulent payments.

Please note that due to many recent fraudulent customers falsely claiming money back on Paypal, we will no longer accept any paypal payments internationally, and we will only accept values up to $300.00 AUD$ locally.

All orders over this value will only be accepted as a direct bank transfer.

Bank Transfer Information

  • Name : RPW Pty Ltd T/As Racing Performance Works
  • Address : 50 Gordon Road (East), Osborne Park, Perth, WA, Australia, 6017
  • Bank : Westpac Bank, Westpac Place Floor 1, 275 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000
  • Bank Routing Number (BSB Number) :-  036-068
  • Account Number :-  115992
  • Bank Swift Code WPACAU2S (For International Bank Transfers)
  • Identification Code : Please use the Invoice or Purchase Order Number
  • International Transfers - include additional $25.00 AUD$ to the amount to cover bank processing fee's (Automatically built into order form pricing if chosen as payment option)

IMPORTANT: When you depositing funds, please advise the bank to use an ID code with the funds transfer, this will show up on our bank records.

This ID code can be simply your surname or company name, preferably reference quote or invoice number.

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