Vernier Camshaft Gear - 4G54

RPW Vernier Camshaft Gear - Mitsubishi 4G54
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Vernier Camshaft Gear

Racing Performance Works Camshaft Gear sets are modified utilising the factory camshaft gears.

These are re machined, and fitted with a aluminum center to reduce weight, but are tapped and fitted into the original steel housing to ensure that they cannot strip on the bolts.

These are infinitely adjustable, and are designed for the tuner / modifier who is after performance not looks.

Whilst they do look good as well, time and money has not been spend on expensive CNC machining to make them pretty.

These are recommended to be used with any camshaft upgrade to allow optimisation of camshaft timing for maximum power and economy.

These units are provided by modifying a brand new stock camshaft gear and are not an exchange item.

This model Camshaft gear suits following model applications

  1. 4G52 SOHC 8v Engines
  2. 4G53 SOHC 8v Engines
  3. 4G54 SOHC 8v Engines
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