Camshaft Billet - 4G54 Flat Tappet

RPW Camshaft Billet - Mitsubishi 4G54 SOHC 8V Flat Tappet
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Mitsubishi 4G54 SOHC 8v Model Engines- Adjustable / Hydraulic Tappet Flat Tappet Rocker

Billet Camshafts are available with a range of improved profiles.

These are available in mild for street applications, to wild for full race.

Turbo and Naturally aspirated profiles are available, along with the ability to provide customised profiles to the customers own specifications.

As a general rule, any stage 2 or larger profile, valve springs and vernier camshaft gears be utilised to gain maximum performance from your camshaft upgrade.

Download the following Microsoft XLS Worksheet for more detailed information on our camshaft profiles. This will be continually updated as we continue to update our range.

---- Download Link RPW Camshaft Specification Sheet ----

We always recommend, don't go for the largest provide available, a smaller profile will provide excellent results with less side effects. Idle stability and fuel economy are always a factor to be taken into account. Larger profiles will have great effects on these areas of the vehicle.

Paris -Dackar Camshaft

For the Mitsubishi 4wd / 2wd large vehicles like Pajero, Triton and L200, we recommend the Paris-Dackar profile.

  • This is only available for naturally aspirated model engies
  • Will require valve spring and vernier camshaft gear upgrade
  • Is designed between stage 2 and stage 3 profiles
  • Designed for focus on mid range torque with improvements in top end
  • Slightly rough idle
  • Requires carburetor and exhaust upgrades to work effectivly.
  • Will outperform any other camshaft profile for naturally aspirated engines wanting maximun torque.

Other Information

  • This is available as a flat tappet solid or hydraulic Profile only.
  • Custom profiles can be manufactured at extra expense, customer to provide specifications they wish, and a matching profile that is closest to the specifications requested will be used.
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