Short Shifter Kit - Colt Z27A

RPW Short Shifter Kit - Colt Z27A
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The ultimate gear shifter package for your Vehicle.

RPW has modified this gear shifter to decrease the throw of the stick both forwards and backwards, as well as sideways. This means that with practice you can do your flat gear changes (Within reason) without fearing of missing the gear. Due to the increased feel for the gearbox synchro rings, you can know how hard to push it and get a better feel of when to release and engage the clutch.

This is not achieved by just shortening the stick, in fact, on the Mitsubishi Colt vehicles the height of the gear shifter is extended by approximately 10mm to make it easier to reach and reduce that "Heaviness" normally associated with short shifter kits.

This shorter shift is achieved by lengthening the lever after the pivot point on both the forwards and backwards and sideways levers so that for the now less throw on the top half of the shaft, there is now a larger movement on the throw point after the pivot point. Basic principles of engineering used to your benefit.

With practice clients report being able to go straight from 2nd - 3rd gear on a straight diagonal rather than having to do a sideways movement. This has to be one of our most popular upgrades on these vehicles. The main difference between ours and other we of course have the extra side ways reduction in movement on most models.

These units are based are available as exchange units or modifying the customers original unit.

A core charge is applicable, and refunded once the original unit is returned back to RPW.

Note : there is a variation between Australian Model Shifters and Shifters for European Model Vehicles.

All international sales would be required to provide your core unit first to us to modify we cannot provide an exchange unit for any International Sales.

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