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EBC Front Brake Pads - Mitsubishi Colt Z27A
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 EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads

Premium street sport pad for cars up to 200bhp. General spirited street driving. Designed for premium street driving offering better brake effect up to 600°C (1100°F).

EBC Green stuff has a high initial brake effect and gives drivers confidence from first application of the brake pedal. There is no such thing as a NO DUST pad. The very nature of how a brake works requires that some dust be generated to avoid rotor vibration (shimmying).

The EBC pad creates less dust and dust is more easily washed off than most. All pads create more dust as they are bedding in especially if rotors are worn. Nominal friction coefficient 0.55. For heavier faster cars and vehicles above 200bhp we strongly recommend Red stuff which DOES offer much less dust.

Reduced Rotor Wear
Disc wear is reduced by up to 50% with the EBC material compared to more abrasive semi metallics. It is common to replace the rotor with every pad change on some OE parts but with EBC it is quite common to see one rotor last TWO sets of pad lifetimes, offering significant savings. This does NOT mean that the EBC pads wear quickly either.


Suits following models with stock factory 235mm Rotors / single piston

  • Mitsubishi Ralliart Colt 4G15 Turbo 2004+
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