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RPW Spacer Shim - Mitsubishi 4G92/93/94
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RPW Service Centre has developed its own range of Turbo Compatible Steel Head Gasket shim sets. These allow customers to decompress there engine utilising the steel head gasket shim, and then use a normal composite or MLS style head gasket on top of the spacer shim.

These decompression units are available in either a 0.80, 1.00, 1.50 or 2.00mm thickness. This set-up is highly recommended for turbo charged vehicles running boost in excess of 15 psi due to the inherent strength of steel shims from detonation. Used in conjunction with a MLS (Multi Layered Shim) head gasket, this provides the strongest possible set-up.

The unit must be used with ARP Head Stud Kits - normal torque to yield bolt sets from late model Mitsubishi engines will not work effectively with this set-up. You will also need to use a product called "Hylomar" to seal between the steel spacer shim and the engine block. You do not use any of this "Glue" between the shim and the head gasket.

Due to the steel spacer shim having the same coefficient of expansion as the engine block, you do not suffer from water sealing issues like copper and does not require re tempering or resealing periodically.

A Tube of Hylomar is required to be used for sealing between the spacer shim and the engine block and is provided in the kit.


  1. Mitsubishi 4G91 SOHC 16v Engines 1997 - 2006
  2. Mitsubishi 4G92 SOHC 16v Engines 1997 - 2006
  3. Mitsubishi 4G92 DOHC 16v Engine incl Mivec 1997 - 2006
  4. Mitsubishi 4G93 SOHC 16v Engines 1997 - 2006
  5. Mitsubishi 4G93 DOHC 16v Engines 1997+
  6. Mitsubishi 4G94 SOHC 16v Engines 1997 - 2006
  7. Mitsubishi 4G94 DOHC 16v Engines 1997+
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