Vi-PEC offers versatile, intelligent, performance engine controls with a range of ECUs, both WireIn and PlugIn. Engine management has never been easier or more reliable.

Vi-PEC fuel injection and engine management systems were developed to fill a gap in the market for ECUs that were reliable, powerful, easy to tune and having features that worked correctly. Vi-PEC is willing to listen to what the market wants and dedicated to giving customers excellent support.

Vi-PEC produces two main engine management models - the i44 and i88. Vi-PEC also has PlugIn ECUs based on the i88 for a range of vehicles, including BMW, Toyota and Volkswagen AG with more being added. All offer three dimensional mapping of fuel and ignition and are fully sequential up to eight cylinder (four cylinder for i44). Support for up to twelve cylinder wasted spark.

Link manufacture both the Link and Vipec range of ECU Systems.

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