Welcome to Racing Performance Works.

RPW started out in the Mid 1980's as an engine reconditioning firm. This has expanded into the performance side of modifications which has grown with the addition of new equipment including dyno machines etc.

At this time we developed our own website, which immediately began receiving local, interstate and international inquiries. This has continued to grown with the development of a full time online website store.

This was soon setup as a completely separate website to our automotive workshop work, to allow further growth and ease of navigation.

In the early 2000's we had the opportunity to take on board the Distributorship of VP Racing Fuels. This was a direct extension of our drag racing program, linked with the focus on performance components for Mitsubishi vehicles.

The Racing Fuels Market continued to grown, as we took on more brands including now VP, Sunoco, ERC, Coogee, Sucrogen, Powerplus and others. This massive growth led to another website being developed purely focusing on the racing fuel market.

Late 2012 saw the opportunity to work with VP PowerMaster Hobby fuels as the Australian distributor, to focus on expanding and setting up distributors throughout Australia. Once again, to retain focus on these products, a separate website was setup.

There is one common link with all of these product lines and websites, the continued growth and need to have an online website store.

Thus this Racing Performance Works Online Website Store is being continually upgraded.

We now supply interstate and internationally a large range of products, and am continually updating to the latest products and expanding not just the range of products but the range of vehicles for which we provide those products for.

For those wanting more information on our Workshop Services or racing fuel products, check the two website links under the About RPW drop down menu.

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